Get the most out of your Aga, a collection of useful tips, tricks and advice based upon my years of Aga experience.

The Aga keeps going and going and going

The Aga is renowned for its longevity; it keeps cooking for years – usually, for generations, some say forever. Typically people buy around four ordinary cookers during their lifetime, whereas you only need one Aga. Such endurance is of real benefit to the environment and in today’s disposable culture, it’s difficult to think of another product that will give so many years of problem-free service. Look after your Aga and it will look after you.

The AGA Story

Made in Britain.

The story of the AGA cooker is one of award-winning innovation and a proud heritage stretching all the way back to 1922.

Today’s AGA is made in exactly the same way that it always has been. Simply, molten iron is poured into moulds. A technique that gives the castings their characteristic surface. Each one is unique and sets the AGA apart from mass-produced uniformity.

While most cookers are spray painted, the AGA cooker’s multiple protective coats of gleaming vitreous enamel take three days to apply. It’s this enamelling process that helps ensure the working life of an AGA cooker is measured not in years, but in decades.

The modern AGA contains state-of-the-art technology and is subject to rigorous quality controls and adherence to the latest environmental standards.

Each part of an AGA cooker is meticulously inspected and colour checked before leaving the factory in Shropshire.